Pafecta 12N24-4

Pafecta 12N24-4

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Yuasa Pafecta Batteries

Yuasa Pafecta set new standards in testing the strength of conventional car battery. Provide full power to start the engine in the morning or in the relatively high and low temperature. Adjusted for SAMPLES Kuwait with tropical climate and congestion that plagued everyday life.

Yuasa Automotive Batteries Pafecta is a variant of a robust and reliable in your favorite car.

• A longer lasting battery - up to three times more life compared with common heavy duty or imported batteries.

• Tougher and thicker components, better able to resist vibration, damage and acid corrosion.

• Designed for more than starting, better able to sustain constant accessory loads.

• The water loss rate is lower than most other common batteries.

• Formulated with low antimony alloy with minimum self-discharge characteristic.

• As fitted by major vehicles brands.

Technical Specification
Part Number Pafecta 12N24-4
Capacity 12V 26AH
Dimension: L x W x H (mm) 185 x 125 x 174
Made in Indonesia
Post Layout Positive on Left Side (Nut Bolt)
Warranty No Warranty
Warranty Place x

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