Yuasa Japanese Battery NS60LS

Yuasa Japanese Battery NS60LS

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YUASA BRAND (Made in Japan)

Add Lithium into acid and carbon technology into the grid. These are increasing acceptance of charging (22 %!).

Maintenance Free Type

• Fuel efficiency is 2% up.

• With Calcium alloy.

• Top flat but has 6 vent plugs.

Made in Japan

• Produced by GS Yuasa factory in Japan.

• Supplied in WET charged condition.

Good Charge acceptance

• Put Lithium into acid. These technology improve charge acceptance.

Suitable for various condition

• In case of water loss, with 6 plugs.

• Higher capacity & Suitable acid density.

Good for Charge control car

• With “carbon” technology.

• Many features to achieve good charge acceptance.


• With reliable indicator.

• Backed by a nationwide warranty.

Technical Specification
Part Number JAP 55B24LS
Capacity 12V 45AH
Dimension: L x W x H (mm) 238 x 128 x 225
Made in JAPAN
Post Layout Negative on Left Side
Warranty 1 Year
Warranty Place Opp. Majestic Car Wash, Old Police Station St, Shuwaikh

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